What do you do exactly?
I design clothes and jewellery as an owner of Violent Mist. I also design for customer order. Sometimes I design furniture made of metal, leather and some unique materials. Everything I design is made in Poland.
What has been your path to what you do right now?
My first studies (Scandinavian Philology) didn’t exactly satisfy my hunger for creation so I started a second field of study, which was jewellery and clothes design on WSSiP in Łódź. I have always been following my philosophy, believing that art is not made only to hang it on a wall, but it needs to be used in order to be real art. Thanks to this studies I was able to see what problems can occur from using specific materials and what restrictions they can cause. Yet, when I was still studying, I submitted an application for financing my own projects, which involved me strongly enough to change my mode of studies (from daily studies into the part-time ones) for the last term, so I was able to spend more time developing my brand and I finally managed to registered it as a company in April.
Your biggest success?
For me, as a humanist and a dreamer, who has a metaphysical approach to designing, it’s surely the fact that I managed to start a company and do taxes settlement.
What do you like the most in your job?
The fact that my work isn’t my job. My creation process is strongly connected with thinking. I always draw something, design, think about, do photos – often in abstract forms. All of my everyday life reflections always revolve around creation. I’m just not able to turn it off.
How does your workday look like?
I have to do things that bosses do. Walk around, scream at somebody, keep the dates and drive to some places, make some things happen. But if I design something, I can spend even 14 hours doing it. The creation process is for me the most important in all of this.
The most satisfying moment?
When I see that a client is really touched. I have this approach that before designing something, I do a deep interview with clients. I ask about almost anything, ant it often came out that a person hasn’t just come to me to buy a dress but that they have some problems and need consolation. And I don’t want to give them just an object but, emotions as well. And when I see that a client feels the emotions that I’ve tried to put into my work, that’s the greatest satisfaction.
Is there something you don’t like in your job?
Reality. I don’t like it much. I always try to look for new solutions. I do not reject tradition but I’m more interested in going forward.
What can people expect from lifetramping with you?
Seeing another side of fashion. Besides how the objects are made, I hope that you’ll be able to see how fantastic inspiration the world around us can be. See the magic of an idea that develops into a piece of art.